Would you believe that thousands of flight attendants throw away up to $4000, every year?

  • TEST: Flight attendants can deduct expenses like union dues, van driver tips, part of a cell phone bill, and more.

  • Flight attendant tax deductions can add up to an extra $4000 tax refund increase in the most extreme cases. The average is typically over a $1000 extra refund.

  • If you are a flight attendant who itemizes, you will almost always benefit significantly from flight crew tax write-offs

  • EZPerDiem.com & EZCrewTax.com can figure it all out for you. You can get started for free.
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What does EZPerDiem do?
EZPerDiem is a web-based tax application that quickly calculates a flight attendant's per diem deduction and other crew-related tax deductions. It is designed to work with TurboTax, TaxCut, or TaxAct, or your own CPA or tax preparer.

What does EZCrewTax do?
EZCrewTax is a tax preparation service for airline crew taxes. EZCrewTax prepares a flight attendant's entire tax return, including the flight attendants per diem deduction (i.e. meal expenses) and other work-related deductions.

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